Alex Jones Chases, Screams at Google CEO Sundar Pichai: ‘Google Is Evil!’

Alex Jones spent on Capitol Hill heckling Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The Google chief is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in order to address allegations of tech bias and conservative censorship. Jones and former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone attended Pichai’s hearing together, and Congressional reporters have documented several moments in which Infowars conspiracy chief drew attention to himself with his crusade against Google.

If you saw the video up top, then you’ve already noticed that Jones chased after Pichai at one point to repeatedly chant “Google is evil.” Jones also repeatedly invoked the recent questions about whether Google is developing a censored version of itself that can be used in countries like China where free speech is restricted.

At one point, a Capitol police officer told Jones to “get it under control” before his disruptive raving got him arrested. Still, Jones continued to make a scene by ranting about Google’s supposed agenda against him.

Jones has been seeing hard times after being de-platformed from several prominent social media outlets and online services this year. His conduct at today’s Google hearing comes after congressional hearings for Facebook and Twitter executives, which Jones also tried to involve himself with.

Watch above.

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