Alex Jones Claims He Can’t Be Anti-Semitic By Citing Size of His Non-Jewish Wife’s Nose


Supplement pitchman and InfoWars founder Alex Jones went on one of his signature rants this afternoon, answering to calls accusing him of being anti-semitic. The blistering dialogue started, as usual, by namedropping the alt-right’s favorite bogeyman, 87-year-old billionaire George Soros. 

“Soros is a Nazi collaborator that helped round up thousands of his fellow Jews and then he has groups saying I’m a Nazi collaborator,” he claimed, failing to mention Soros would have been a kid when his fellow Jews were being rounded up.

Jones added, “He’s a Nazi. It just shows how reprobate and bankrupt the left has come.”

That’s when things took an even stranger turn. Jones began to defend against claims of anti-semitism by describing his new wife’s ethnic heritage which, by the way, is not Jewish.

“Her pedigree is German, three-quarters German from Omaha, and a quarter Irish and I’m proud of that background,” he said.

Jones said that, despite her Aryan heritage, anti-Semites still lob slurs her way, due to her “noble nose.”

“Anti-Semites call her Jewish and everything else,” he said. “If she was I’d be proud of it but, nope, she’s got a noble nose, but she’s not Jewish. So, that’s what this all comes down to ladies and gentlemen and it just is insane.”

Well, he couldn’t be more right. It certainly is insane.

Watch the clip above, via Media Matters.

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