comScore Alex Jones Attacks Matt Gaetz: He's 'Licking Globalist Booty'

Alex Jones Goes to Town on ‘Little Candy Ass’ Matt Gaetz: He’s ‘Licking Globalist Booty’

Alex Jones is keeping up his crusade against Matt Gaetz (R-FL) following the congressman having disowned him after previously speaking to him on InfoWars.

Last week, Gaetz said he regretted speaking to Jones’ conspiracy theory factory and acknowledged the damage caused by the latter’s raving lunacy. Jones didn’t take that very well two days ago, and judging by his latest remarks, that’s not about to change in the foreseeable future.

“Matt Gaetz was busy last week licking globalist booty,” Jones fumed. “Oh, this little candy ass is scared of us. He threw Alex under the bus and went along with the lie that Alex Jones says nobody died at Parkland — total horse manure.”

Jones went on from there by denouncing Gaetz as a “follower” who was supposed to be a “maverick” like President Trump.

“These people are running rings around you, f-ing you and this whole country over, thinking we’re stupid with shadowbans and all the rest of the incredible criminal crap they’re pulling.”

So, yeah. Don’t expect them to kiss and make up any time soon.

Watch above, via Right Wing Watch.

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