Alex Jones, Roger Stone Crashed The Young Turks Broadcast and Everyone Went Nuts

The progressive political show The Young Turks faced off with the far-far-far-right Alex Jones and Roger Stone at the RNC today. It was, um… just wow.

Jones crashed the Young Turks live broadcast and teased them a little. Cenk Uygur got combative with Jones, told him off, and they started arguing. Jones handed Uygur a Bill Clinton “RAPE” shirt, which caused Uygur to grab his microphone and tell him 1) that he’s “sick” and 2) that Trump has been accused of rape too.

Stone jumped in to back up Jones, and that’s when things got nuts. Uygur shouted at Stone that he’s “sick” and the two of them went back and forth as Jones perched himself on Uygur’s shoulder.

Jones tried to instigate them into fighting and shouted at Uygur, “Are you afraid to debate?!”

The video above was recorded from their broadcast. More video is below, and boy did things get more heated:

Stone shouted “bullshit” over and over before walking away. Uygur and Jones started getting fierce with each other and they had to be physically separated.

Today has apparently been a very good day for the Jones-Stone bromance:

[image via screengrab]

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