Allen West: Focus on Boko Haram Is Obama Ploy to Distract from Benghazi

It’s amazing it took this long: former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) wrote in a blog post Monday morning that the focus on Boko Haram, which now includes a hashtag campaign spurred by First Lady Michelle Obama, is a “wag the dog” moment by the Obama administration meant to distract attention from the upcoming Benghazi select committee.

“Are we witnessing an Obama ‘Wag the Dog’ moment with Boko Haram in Nigeria?” West asked rhetorically. “I say yes.” (West also noted the suspicious timing of the original movie hitting theaters just before the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, combined with her reemergence last week; “I digress,” he wrote, “or maybe not.”)

He continued, all [sic]:

What better time than right now, to create the straw man of Boko Haram, another distraction for which no real action will take place. Anyone remember Joseph Kony?

And by the way, what exactly is happening in Ukraine?

Gotta give it to the Democrats, they know how to make life imitate art. Sadly, as a nation we’re falling for another episode of liberal progressive “Wag the Dog.”

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Hey, you know what really distracts from Benghazi? This book cover:

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[Image via Robert Sullivan/Reuters]

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