Allen West Likens Confederate Flag Opposition to ISIS

allen-west1-300x196Former congressman Allen West (R-FL) told a conservative radio show last week that the “left’s” attempt to literally bring down the Confederate battle flag was consonant with ISIS’ wholesale destruction of Syria and Iraq’s cultural artifacts.

“There is a seeming collusion between liberal progressive socialists and Islamofascists,” West said on “Sandy Rios in the Morning.”

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“The Taliban destroyed the shrines and the statues of Bamyan provinces; ISIS has gone around destroying the artifacts there and religious shrines and memorials in Mosul and also Palmyra; and now we have the left in the United States of America defacing memorials and part of our history.”

“So there’s a very interesting, I don’t want to say commonality, but it is something to be said about how these individuals want to erase history,” he concluded.

There’s some stuff in there about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Saul Alinsky, too. Listen below, for whatever reason you’d have for doing that, via RightWingWatch:

[h/t RightWingWatch]
[Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia]

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