Allen West: Obama ‘Indirectly Responsible’ for MH17 Crash

Right now most of the blame being apportioned over the downing of MH17 by what’s believed to be a Buk missile is being directed at Russian separatists and Vladimir Putin. But in a blog post today, former Congressman Allen West asserted that President Obama himself is “indirectly responsible” for what happened.

He uses the post to mock Obama over that hot mic moment where he told Russia’s former president he would have more “flexibility” after his re-election. West writes, “Sadly, hundreds of Ukrainians and 298 souls on MH17 have paid the price for the weakness and abject cowardice of Obama’s ‘flexibility.'”

West calls Obama a “charlatan” and cuts to the chase with this word salad:

The blood on Vladimir Putin’s hands was poured by Barack Obama who is indirectly responsible, accountable and no different than Neville Chamberlain’s weakness in the face of the 20th Century maniacal dictator Adolf Hitler.

Full article HERE.

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