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American Hiker Sarah Shourd Speaks About Her Release From Iran: “We Are Not Spies”

Sarah Shourd, the American hiker who was released from Iranian custody earlier this week after being held there with two others for over a year, gave a press conference in New York this afternoon in which she thanked Iranian authorities for their “compassionate release.”

Sounding as though she were speaking from a list of Iranian talking points — and considering Iran is still holding her fiance, Shane Bauer, and their friend Josh Fattal this is likely the case — Shourd said it was “her deepest hope” her release would not go “unrecognized” and then stated that the trio’s arrest had been “a huge misunderstanding” and reiterated that they had “committed no crime and we are not spies.”

Meanwhile, this morning on This Week Iranian President Ahmadinejad told Christiane Amanpour that Shourd’s release was a “huge humanitarian gesture.”

It is true that the Islamic Republic of Iran took a humanitarian measure and released one of the three individuals who entered our borders Ms. Sarah Shourd. This was a huge humanitarian gesture.

Now, you may be aware that eight Iranians are illegally being detained in the United States. So I believe that it would not be misplaced to ask that the U.S. government should make a humanitarian gesture to release the Iranians who were illegally arrested and detained here in the United States.

Video of Shourd’s press conference below.

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