Americans Just Fine with Forced Rectal Feeding, Thank You

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s massive, long-awaited report on the CIA’s torture funplex enhanced interrogation techniques landed with a big dud with the American public, a majority of which still supports torture.

Per a poll from those rascals at PEW Research Center 51% of respondents said torture was justified, far more than the 29% who objected. (20% were on the fence.) By an even bigger margin respondents believed that torture produced actionable intelligence, despite the fact that the report found torture was ineffective at procuring intelligence from detainees.

As for that report, a slight plurality thinks the Senate Intelligence Committee should stuff it. 43% believe the report should never have been released, compared to 42% who thought we should know what the CIA was up to, whether it stayed within legal boundaries, and whether it was done to people who weren’t actually terrorists. (Counterintuitively, the more closely respondents said they followed the news, the more they thought torture justified.)

To sum up: forced rectal feeding, good; report on forced rectal feeding, bad.

[h/t PEW]

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