Amid Growing Pressure CNN Releases Statement on Kathy Griffin: ‘Evaluating New Year’s Eve’


kathy griffin

Earlier today, occasional CNN host and comedian Kathy Griffin caused widespread outrage due to the publication of a photo of her posing with a model of President Donald Trump’s bloodied severed head. Following near-universal condemnation, including from CNN’s Jake Tapper, Griffin tweeted out an apology video.

However, as the day went by, one wondered — what is Griffin’s status with CNN, considering she co-hosts the network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast? In a statement given to Mediaite, a CNN spokesperson said the following about Griffin and the photo flap:

We found what she did disgusting and offensive. We are pleased to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down. We are evaluating New Year’s Eve and have made no decisions at this point.

Since the image was released today, CNN had been relatively quiet about the situation, outside of Tapper addressing it on the air this afternoon and anchor — and Griffin’s NYE co-host — Anderson Cooper tweeting about it this evening.

As for CNN’s competitors, Fox News was all over the situation, with multiple segments this evening devoted to Griffin’s actions. MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren also addressed the issue numerous times today.

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