A Restaurant Made Trump Supporters Pay a Higher Cover Than Clinton Supporters Last Weekend


Iowa was one of the states where Donald Trump edged out Hillary Clinton– he won 51.8% of the vote. One Iowa restaurant is responding the only way they know how- by charging Trump supporters more to come into their restaurant.

Stella’s is a popular sports bar in University Heights. During University of Iowa games, the bar generally charges a cover of $5. This weekend, however, before people entered the bar, they were asked how they voted. If a patron voted for Clinton, regardless of which team the person was rooting for, he or she was charged $5. Trump supporters were charged $10-$20, depending on which team they were cheering on. If you were rooting for Michigan and had voted for Trump, you were reportedly charged the steep $20 cover. According to CBS 2 News, the bar had a sign on the door that said, “Yes, this is discrimination, but you voted for it.”

Here’s the clipboard system the bar used to let customers know how they were going to be charged. According to the bar, it was all in good fun:

It was a bad day to be a Trump-supporting Michigan fan in that bar Saturday. Not only were you out $20, but Michigan lost to Iowa by one point. Prior to that game, they were undefeated.

[H/T First We Feast]

[image via screen grab]

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