Ana Navarro Goes Off on All the Reasons She Will ‘Take Credit for Insulting’ Trump

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.25.51 PMTonight on a panel assembled by CNN to discuss Donald Trump speech appealing to voters of color, Ana Navarro went off. Plain and simple: She went off. When Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway mentioned people insulting her boss, Navarro piped up that she will gladly take credit for insulting him.

“I will take credit for insulting him because he has been insulting communities since the first day he launched this campaign when he started talking about Mexican rapists,” she said. “The reason I can call Donald Trump names and I can insult him back is because I am the sister of a disabled man and he mocked a disabled man; because I am a friend of a POW and me mocked that POW; because I’m an immigrant and he has insulted immigrants; because I’m a Hispanic and he has insulted Hispanics; because I’m a woman and he has insulted women.”

Watch above to see her explain that Trump “threw that rock first.”

Van Jones gave her an “Amen, sister.”

[image via screengrab]

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