Anchor Who Went Off When Co-Host Wore White Called For HR Meeting, Eager To Find Video Leaker

imageedit_22_9506464321The clip of Australian news anchor Amber Sherlock freaking out over her colleague wearing white on a broadcast is really funny… unless you’re Amber Sherlock.

According to Yahoo! Australia‘s Be, she had to meet with Channel Nine’s HR department and Darren Wick, the National Director of News & Current Affairs to talk over what happened between her and Julie SnookBe claims Sherlock was seen crying the day after the footage leaked and now, News Nine is on the hunt for the leaker.

A source even told Be that the incident could be seen as a “sackable offense” because of how petty Sherlock looked and how bad the network looks as a result.

After the footage came out, Sherlock released a statement that says the following:

Live TV can be a pretty stressful beast, at times and as anyone knows, it’s never much fun rocking up to work or to a party in the same outfit as one of your colleagues or friends … I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin.

At the present time, Sherlock’s Twitter bio still lists her as an employee of Channel Nine.

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