Anderson Cooper Calls Moderating Debate ‘An Honor,’ Still Jokes About Needing Lots of Wine

Anderson Cooper hosted Live! today with Kelly Ripa and she wasted no time in telling him what a good job he did moderating the second presidential debate. She cracked a joke about eating pizza and drinking wine, so he joked back that whenever the camera wasn’t on him, that’s what he was doing to manage his nerves, too.

He got serious then, telling her that it had been an honor to be selected as a moderator.

He explained that his goal had been not to become the story, which makes sense, since Megyn Kelly and Lester Holt found themselves in the headlines the day after their respective debate performances.

“You were very, very good and I really enjoyed it,” Ripa assured him.

Watch above to see Cooper explain how debate prep works for a moderator by saying, “It’s like planning a future game of three-dimensional chess.”

After that, of course, they started talking about Ken Bone.

[image via screengrab]

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