Andrea Mitchell Reminds Trump Campaign Manager That Clinton Does ‘Talk to Voters’

mitchellconwayWhen Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tried to convince MSNBC viewers that Hillary Clinton never interacts with voters, Andrea Mitchell reminded her that that wasn’t true.

Mitchell confronted Conway about the comparative lack of discussion about issues on Trump’s website compared to Clinton’s. “If we’re going to run this election expecting voters to go to our websites and figure out what these people believe on policy, I respect the voters more than that,” Conway said. “I think they’d prefer that these candidates come to them or at least make public statements.”

All Clinton did was “fly around the country, raising money and not talking to voters,” Conway said.

“Kellyanne, I’ve been on the road with her for a year and a half,” Mitchell said. “And I’ve watched your campaign from a distance. I’ve been on the Democratic campaign watching it, covering it. She has been talking to voters. I mean, that’s what the listening tour was about.”

“‘Listening…'” Conway echoed.

“There was a lot of criticism from Donald Trump that she was meeting with small groups. That’s what she was doing, was talking to voters. She was not at big rallies.”

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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