Andrew Breitbart And Tommy Christopher Enjoy A Spirited Debate At CPAC

Need evidence that passions are running high at CPAC this weekend? Then watch the following exchange between Andrew Breitbart and Mediaite columnist Tommy Christopher over ACORN, Dan Savage, mucus, James O’Keefe and a myriad of other subjects that, to be truly appreciated, need to be viewed in the following video. For the record, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this exchange are those of Mediaite columnist White House reporter Tommy Christopher and not those of Mediaite.

When reached by Mediaite, Breitbart reiterated his position stated in the following video: “I love having these debates because I am right and I am righteous,” continuing “when the left has lost an argument they always cry ‘racist!’ and that gruel is getting pretty thin.”

Tommy Christopher will have his take on this exchange coming shortly. So – submitted without further comment…

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