Andrew Breitbart To Speak At GOP Fundraiser With Michael Steele

Andrew Breitbart, who has been in the news a little bit over the last week, will speak at a Beverly Hills Republican fundraiser in August, according to Talking Points Memo.

The co-headliners August 12 at the “Election Countdown” will be Breitbart and RNC Chairman Michael Steele – two stars of the right, sure, but also both who have been shrouded by controversy recently.

From the TPM report:

RNC spokesman Doug Heye confirmed to TPMDC that the event is going on, but declined to comment further on the nature of fundraising events. We asked follow-up questions about whether Breitbart is still confirmed to attend the event, and also asking when this was first scheduled.:

We have contacted Breitbart to confirm he would be involved.

This was also a segment today on MSNBC. “Is he going to be a good fundraiser for the Republicans?” asked Contessa Brewer. Richard Wolffe: “He may well serve a purpose for them in terms of rallying the base and raising money but he should at least raise questions about his role in terms of putting information in the mainstream media.”

The schedule was probably set long before last week, but it will be interesting to see if Breitbart remains on the line-up in the wake of the Shirley Sherrod debacle he started.

MSNBC’s report:

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