Angela Rye Throws Down On April Ryan Dustup: Spicer ‘Doesn’t Get to Be Her Daddy’

Like other networks today, CNN assembled a panel to talk about press secretary Sean Spicers treatment of April Ryan on Tuesday. As you’ll recall, Spicer told Ryan to stop shaking her head while he responded to her question, leading to nonstop chatter in the media and political worlds. Spicer weighed in today and even Hillary Clinton had something to say about it.

As with other panels, CNN’s got heated.

Regular commentator Angela Rye and former Donald Trump surrogate Joseph Borelli were on together. As faithful Mediaite readers may know, it’s a pairing that has a testy history. When Borelli said he was “scolded worse” on panels during the campaign, Rye brought up a very contentious appearance they made together, during which they sparred over the n-word.

That wasn’t all Rye had to say. When Kate Bolduan asked about the tone for press conferences and basic interactions in the administration, she was ready.

Spicer “doesn’t get to be her daddy in a press briefing and tell her not to shake her head!” Rye snapped.

Watch above.

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