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Ann Coulter Tells Sean Hannity Moderate Republicans Are “Whining Babies”

Apparently, nothing gets partisan pundits worked up into a frothing lather quite like their own party disappointing them. After Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann spent a Countdown segment trashing Democrats last night, Ann Coulter used her appearance on Sean Hannity’s program to call out the “whining babies” in Republicans’ midst.

Not surprisingly, those “whining babies” Coulter was talking about were the “establishment” voices who were upset that Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware primary. Hannity agreed, calling them “sore losers,” but where they didn’t necessarily agree was on Republicans’ chances of taking both the House and Senate – Coulter said it’s not happening, whereas Hannity holds out hope it still might.

Interestingly, though, Coulter also said she didn’t really want Republicans to win both houses of Congress, because “then Obama will get a second term like Bill Clinton did.” (Wonder if Clinton will respond to that, too?) The puzzling thing was that Coulter said that if Republicans win the Senate and the House, “they’ll start passing great stuff; admittedly, they’ll save the country.” So, the interesting equation Coulter appears to have worked out in her head is: “Badness of a second term for Obama > Goodness of saving the entire country.”

Video of Coulter’s & Hannity’s exchange is below. We’re not sure anyone is satisfied with their own party anymore.

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