Ann Coulter: ‘I Highly Approve Of Romney’s Decision To Be Kind And Gentle To The Retard’

Conservative columnist and serial provocateur Ann Coulter crossed lines of decency untrod even by her standards during Monday night’s debate when she tweeted to her followers that “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard,” an apparent reference to President Obama.

Conservatives will have to square this deranged disrespect for the office of the presidency for themselves, but hopefully, people all over the political spectrum will educate Ms. Coulter about the relative merits of attacking an entire population of disabled people.

Retard-bashing is, unfortunately, a bi-partisan enterprise, and outrage over same is just as sadly selective. When a popular media figure slurs disabled people, they are too few in number to force any sort of correction. Ann Coulter stands to lose nothing if she never apologizes for this remark. She could legally change her name to Ann The Retard-Hater Coulter, and probably not lose a dime.

That’s because the people Coulter might actually listen to are either too afraid to call out such a powerful  conservative figure, or just don’t care all that much. That’s a shame, because Ann Coulter’s remark will not hurt President Obama one iota, but it will hurt people whom she has never met, and who will never do her a bit of harm.

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