Another Miss Universe Contestant Backs Up Alicia Machado: Trump Told Me ‘Suck Your Gut in’


The tale of Alicia Machado is one that’s really, really picked up in the two days since Hillary Clinton retold it at the presidential debate. The former Miss Universe has made the rounds on all of the major cable networks to tell viewers not to vote for Donald Trump, the man she claims is responsible for her eating disorders. As the owner of the pageant when she was the titleholder, he reportedly called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” and even invited reporters to watch her work out in retaliation for her putting on some weight.

Now, someone she competed with is sharing a similar story. Jodie Seal, who competed in 1996 as Miss Australia, is backing Machado up all the way. Watch this clip from Inside Edition:

Megan Alexander‘s full interview with Seal will air tonight on Inside Edition. We have been told it will include Seal accusing Trump of being “very brash,” “very sexist,” and “very scathing.” She also reportedly said he “was like Mussolini” and was “so controlling.”

“He’d walk by while we were eating. He put a lot of the girls down. It was supposed to be the time of our lives. He would make us exercise every day,” Seal told Alexander.

Of Machado, she said this:

She weighed less than I did, during the pageant, after the pageant. There’s no way she was big. I really feel for her. She was meant to be the most beautiful woman in the world – Miss Universe – and she was treated with no respect.

Machado is now a U.S. citizen and will be voting for Clinton in November.

Check your local listings and tune into Inside Edition for the full report tonight.

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