Anthony Weiner Calls Himself Strong ‘Like a Mongoose’ in New Sexting Incident

anthony weinerIt’s true. History does repeat itself, or so it would seem thanks to a new report about the online going-ons of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

According to the New York Post, Weiner had an online conversation where he got really flirty when he thought he was talking to a female college student. Instead, it would seem that Weiner gave his phone number and offered his location to a male New York college student who was using a friend’s Twitter account to troll him into a trap.

The student, who called himself “Nikki,” baited Weiner by talking about “strappy black heels” and “porn scenes,” to which Weiner responded with some suggestive-sounding double entendres. One part of the exchange shows that Weiner told “Nikki” he was only wearing a towel, while another part shows him describing himself by saying he is “deceptively strong … like a mongoose.”

Weiner sent the Post an email confirming the conversation and texts, but he insisted that he knew it was a set-up and was trying to troll his prankster back. Weiner said the exchanges were, “a playful joust with an obvious catfish,” and that “I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose.”

Weiner has been caught in sexting scandals multiple times in the past, and they had extremely negative impacts on his Congressional career and his run for New York City mayor.

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