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Anti-Defamation League Head Doesn’t Think Oldman Apology Was Sincere

Anti-Defamation League head Abraham Foxman demanded an apology from Gary Oldman for comments he described as anti-Semitic. Oldman issued an apology yesterday, but Foxman doesn’t think Oldman was being at all sincere and wants the veteran actor to reflect more on his words.

Just as a reminder, in Oldman’s remarkably unfiltered Playboy interview, he said that Hollywood is “a town run by Jews” and so people shouldn’t have given Mel Gibson so much grief and treated him like an “outcast.”

Oldman apologized for those remarks, but Foxman isn’t buying it. In comments to Variety, Foxman said Oldman needs to really think about how offensive he was being.

“I think he feels bad about what he said, but the way he explains it underlines why he said what he said. I’d like to see a little more introspection, a little more understanding and a little more education rather than a statement that looks like a PR move.”

He also said Oldman has a “problem seeing people in stereotypical terms” and accused him of being anti-gay and anti-Catholics, charges Oldman’s manager completely refuted (he pointed out Oldman expressed his support for gay marriage in the Playboy interview but that part was left out).

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