Anti-Islam Group Removes Ad Using Image of James Foley

The American Freedom Defense Initiative, run by Pamela Geller, recently made plans to set up this controversial ad on New York buses:

Yes, that photo on the right is from the video showing an ISIS terrorist beheading journalist James Foley. As you can imagine, Foley’s family wasn’t exactly happy with the AFDI’s use of the image, and requested they not use it.

Geller posted the letter she received from the Foley family’s attorney on her blog. Here’s part of what he said:

“The advertisement you are preparing to run seems to convey the message that ordinary practitioners of Islam are a dangerous threat. This message is entirely inconsistent with Mr. Foley’s reporting and his beliefs.

“The use of Mr. Foley’s photo in your advertisement will cause profound distress to the Foley family. They do not want to see this photo exploited to attract funding and attention to your group. We request that you immediately withdraw it and cease its use in your advertising.”

Geller objects to the idea that the ad is going after all Muslims––she argues that plenty of moderates become devout over time––but says she’s respected the family’s wishes and has requested the ads be taken down.

Here’s the new one they’re putting up instead:

The photo on the right shows an unknown individual holding up a severed head.

[h/t Jerusalem Post]
[images via Pamela Geller, featured image via screengrab]

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