Anti-Semitic Elmo is Back! And He Tried to Extort Millions From the Girl Scouts

Remember the “Anti-Semitic Elmo“? Well, he’s back in the news after pleading guilty to grand larceny after attempting to extort millions of dollars from the Girl Scouts.

If you don’t remember the story: “Anti-Semitic Elmo” became a national sensation last year after YouTube video showed him wandering Central Park ranting and raving about Jewish costume-makers (“Read about the International Jewish conspiracy!”), berating unhappy parents (“I work for John Gotti! Fuck you!”), and cursing at no one in particular (“Shiiiiiiiit!“).

After a year of not being in the news for all-things-crazy, we learn a few more details about that mysterious man in an Elmo suit, via Uproxx: 1) He was once deported from Cambodia for running a website called “Welcome to Rape Camp”; 2) His birth name is Dan Sandler, but he legally changed his name to “Adam Sandler” several years ago.

And then comes the latest news, via AP. Anti-Semitic Elmo is facing prison time for an attempt to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts:

Dan Sandler pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempted grand larceny and misdemeanor stalking as part of a deal with prosecutors. He faces up to two years in prison at sentencing next month.

Sandler was accused of threatening to publicize false information about the Girl Scouts unless he got the money. Prosecutors say he sent harassing emails and photos to an employee of the nonprofit.

Re-live just a sample of Anti-Semitic Elmo’s rantings below:

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