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ANTI-SEX WATCH: Men’s Blogs Punish Themselves for Overexposing Megan Fox

megan_foxMen’s websites waxing Shakespearean have decided that one can have too much of a good thing, and AOL man cave men’s blog Asylum has sparked the August 4th web phenomenon known as ‘Day Without Megan Fox’ that will undoubtedly make tomorrow’s RSS feeds 70% less attractive (if my math is correct). On July 28th, the Asylum staff announced:

We, the media, have been covering her every weird thumb, geek-shunning, supposed bisexuality, Star Wars-T-shirt wearing, and sexy photo taken.  But on August 4, that all changes, as Asylum bands together with the other manly sites of the Web in an Internet-wide media ban on all things Megan Fox.

The band-of-brothers participating in the boycott include AskMen, Urlesque, YourTango, Double Viking, and other like-minded websites.  The anti-Megan movement has amassed support and publicity through Twitter (check out Mediaite’s TweetFinder for #NoMF below) and coverage of high-traffic entertainment news sites – especially since it gives editors the golden opportunity to publish the token ‘We’ll Miss You, Megan Fox!!!’ slideshow of the starlet’s hottest, probably underdressed moments.

The only question that remains is who or what can possibly replace Megan Fox for a whole 24 hours?! We at Mediaite have come up with a few ideas to hold you over (although we’re already slipping into our fat-day sweatpants, bad-hair-day baseball caps, and baggy T-shirts in preparation for the ugliest day in media ‘Day Without Megan Fox’):

1. Shark Week

shark megan_fox_fangs

At least you can get your fix of fang-ridden and bloody Megan Fox (from her upcoming film Jennifer’s Body), thanks to Discovery Channel’s annual week-long shark-a-thon.  Sink your teeth into THAT.

2. National Scrabble Championship

Can Megan Fox spell ‘sexy’? Probably.  But Scrabble wunderkind and Mediaite intern Robert Quigley can run circles around her in a triple-word-score smackdown.  Fun fact: SEXY is worth 42 points with a triple-word-score.

3. Check Out Mediaite’s SEX WATCH

Special appearances include Kate Winslet’s rack, porn stars, and bikini battles! Oh my…

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