AP Accidentally Tweets Plane Carrying MH17 Bodies Crash Lands (UPDATED)


That tweet, coming on the same morning as two other breaking stories about planes either shot out of the sky or crash landing, roiled the Twittersphere, though nobody could really bring themselves to quite believe it.

Let’s read that tweet again:

The “crash” refers to “Flight 17,” though the tweet reads as though it applies to the flight carrying the bodies from Flight 17. This is known in the biz as a “crash blossom,” though this may be the most literal iteration of one yet.

Anyhoo, other news agencies reported that the plane carrying the bodies landed safely, and the AP “clarified”:

UPDATE 11:39 a.m. EST: The Associated Press addressed the tweet on its blog:

This was an especially regrettable lapse that drew wide attention as Dutch families awaited the return of their loved ones’ remains.

[Image via screengrab]

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