AP Offers Peculiar Explanation for Obama’s ‘Upbeat’ Post-Midterm Press Conference

Politico described President Obama‘s Wednesday post-midterm elections press conference — which saw massive gains for Congressional Republicans — as stubborn. The New York Times described it as defiant. The Washington Post noted that Obama sounded “less remorseful and introspective” than he did in 2010, another midterm year that boosted Republicans.

Here’s what Julie Pace at the Associated Press had to say about it with the help of some background reporting, emphasis added:

Privately, Obama’s advisers acknowledge that Tuesday’s outcome was far worse than what they expected. They say Obama’s upbeat approach reflects a president who has spent the past several weeks growing more comfortable with the prospect of Republicans controlling Congress in his final two years in office and is intrigued by the possible opportunities that could open up as a result.

Upbeat, more comfrotable and intrigued. That’s a new way of looking at things, however unshared by almost anyone else the view may be.

Odd, considering Pace was actually in the room for Obama’s conference, during which he let out sighs, responded to questions with little resigned laughs and denied that the results of the election had anything to do with him.

[Photo via Fox News/screen grab]

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