AP Photo Editor May Have Made a Huge Mistake with Photo Caption…

You should always be very careful when you’re jumping between things (work, cover letters, Facebook) when you type, because sometimes you accidentally type or copy the wrong thing and then lol i know oberyn’s awesome

See what I mean?

Well, an AP photo editor reportedly made quite the error in sending out an image caption with just a little too much information. According to Gawker, underneath a photo about someone painting a compass, this somehow made its way into the image caption.

Instead of starting this cover letter by listing the top ten reasons why I am the perfect candidate to be Buzzfeed’s photo essay editor, or creating a quiz about what type of job applicant, I, Karly Domb Sadof, am (because I imagine you have just finished reading half a dozen cover letters in those formats) I will say I am applying for Buzzfeed’s photo essay editor position because I want to do to photojournalism what the Quiz and “listicle” have done to Lifestyle journalism.


Well, it’s only a matter of time until BuzzFeed comes out with a list of the 10 Reasons This Puts Us In an Incredibly Awkward Position…

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