Apparently the Government Shutdown Caused People to Make Lots of Babies

What do you do when you’re a government employee who can’t work or make money, because the government shut down due to infighting and politicking? Apparently, according to data from DC-area hospitals, you chug some cheap wine and make some babies.

All the little ones conceived during last October’s two-week government sequester are being born around this time, and Washington hospitals are finding that they can’t keep up with the demand for hospital rooms.

WNEW reports that over the past three months, hospitals have delivered an average of three more babies per day than they did last year. They found two prospective parents who had to reschedule the mother’s induction because the maternity ward was full.

And there’s more: It’s possible that the mini-baby boom will continue for months, due to the terrible winter D.C. experienced that lasted through March. That’s… a lot of time to do nothing but guzzle cheap wine and make babies.

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