Arianna Huffington Asks, “Is This Left?”

Arianna Huffington has long been a vocal member of the Democratic Party (although she happens to be a former Republican) and her news, opinion and entertainment site, The Huffington Post, is often criticized for allegations that its coverage has a left-wing bias.

That criticism has reached a boiling point following news that Aol purchased The Huffington Post for a cool $315 million, giving Huffington editorial power over several of its sites. In fact, one former Aol blogger – Politics Daily’s Matt Lewis – left his position for one at Tucker Carlson‘s right-leaning Daily Caller site, calling Huffington “a far-left liberal.”

Although Huffington has insisted that she sees a left / right dichotomy as “an obsolete way of looking at the problems America is facing,” it would appear that the criticism is getting to her as she prepares to take on her new role at Aol.

Today, she asked her Twitter followers whether it is “‘left’ to accurately report that ‘Obama’s Big Budget Cut Proposals Target The Poor?'”

Well? As I see it, The Huffington Post’s (and, now, AOL’s) tilt or perceived bias is not what needs to be addressed or what is concerning people so much as its transparency and tone, as well as whether dissenting or alternate views will also be given an equal platform.

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