Armani Exchange’s ‘Gay’ Valentine’s Day Ads Too Much For Some Moms

Window displays and advertisers across the country have been gearing up for Valentine’s Day. In the shopping mecca that is Manhattan some storefronts fill their windows with an explosion of crimsons and pinks, while other companies adhere to the age-old advertising law (be it Valentine’s Day or otherwise): Sex sells.

Abercrombie & Fitch has been doing this sort of thing perfectly for years: put a half naked guy with killer abs playing football with his frat brothers, make sure the elastic band of their boxers noticeably read the company’s name, and call it an ad.

But Armani Exchange may take the cake for this year’s oversexed Valentine’s ads which picture three couples – a gay male couple, a heterosexual couple, and lesbian couple – oiled up and lustfully embracing. And while half naked couples in major advertising campaigns are nothing new, the homoerotic ads have been causing quite a stir. One online mothers support group ( is demanding the store take the ads down, claiming that the ads “poison children with 10-foot posters that are nothing but soft porn.”

Considering mostly naked heterosexual clothing ads have been around for years (hello Marky Mark!) one has to assume that the real concern is that children are being poisoned with soft gay porn. If not than groups like certainly have a big job on their hands!

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