Arnold Schwarzenegger And Dmitry Medvedev Hit The Gym In Moscow

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s lame duck term sure looks like a lot of fun! The Governator is off on an official trade mission in Moscow and spending plenty of quality time with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev which, luckily for us, he’s documenting on Twitter.

Aside from the official business under his belt– including speaking on entrepreneurship, business and technology at various round tables with the president– Schwarzenegger has been chronicling his leisure time on Twitter, including taking drives, doing touristy trips around the city, and, yes, lifting weights with Medvedev. Sure, that latter picture was a retweet from Medvedev, but still: refreshing to see how exhaustive Schwarzenegger’s vacation diaries have been since leaving to Russia.

There’s also the fact that, in general, Schwarzenegger has been much more active on Twitter lately. He first made a splash on the social networking site with a menacing video promising to fix the budget with a gigantic knife. His other major Twitter action before his Russia trip was also Russia-related: namely, he joked he couldn’t see Russia from Alaska, no matter what certain other Republican governors might say. Let’s hope that, after November, when he has even more free time, Governor Schwarzenegger will keep the 140-word wit and hilarious Twitpics coming.

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