Art of the Deal Author Trashes Trump’s Negotiating Prowess: Most of the Deals in That Book Were ‘Failures’


The man who co-wrote the Art of the Deal thinks the deal artist’s works were — on a scale of Mona Lisa to nursery schooler’s handprint — much, much closer to the latter.

Appearing on The Beat with Ari Melber, Art of the Deal scribe Tony Schwartz trashed President Donald Trump‘s negotiating skills.

“I found myself, Ari, going back to the Art of the Deal and looking over those deals that I unfortunately described 30 years ago, and realizing that most of those deals in that book were failures,” Schwartz said. “And the number of deals he’s made over the years since then have overwhelmingly been failures. It’s [an] accident of history that he is president. But as a dealmaker, he is really one of the worst I’ve ever come across.”

Schwartz went on to outline the president’s character traits and argued that he lacks those attributes conducive to successful negotiation.

“When you think about deal making, what is it actually require?” Schwartz said. “It requires understanding the other side — so it requires empathy. It requires humility. It requires courage. These are qualities Donald Trump doesn’t have in spades.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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