Art of the Deal Writer Tony Schwartz on Why Trump Won’t Apologize For McCain Remark: ‘Psychologically, He’s Incapable’


Tony Schwartz, who spent a year and a half co-writing The Art of the Deal with Donald Trump, has developed a reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts on the president’s psyche. Tuesday on Anderson Cooper: 360, Schwartz used his insight to explain why, in his opinion, Trump has not apologized for his aide Kelly Sadler‘s widely denounced remark about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

“His idea of strength is so, sort of cookie cutter,” Cooper told Schwartz. “It’s almost cartoonish how he defines strength. And I assume the definition of strength for him is not apologizing.”

“I don’t even think it’s a calculation, or an analysis, or an opinion,” Schwartz said. “I think it’s an impulse and an instinct that emotionally, psychologically he’s incapable of it. Because it’s shattering to him to feel that he’s wrong.”

The author added that Trump would view anyone on his staff who apologized in a negative light.

“Everybody in Trump’s mind is either weak or strong. Is either or rich or poor. Is either tough or wimpy,” Schwartz said. “But it’s also that that person is always reflecting on him. Because the only person Trump sees at any given moment, truly, is himself. So everybody is a reflection of him, for better or worse. So in this case. if there were to be an apology, it would be for worse.”

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