Artist Makes Statue Depicting Mark Zuckerberg As Jesus, Demands Zuckerberg Give Him $50 Million For It

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-38-59-pmA Berlin-based artist called Joachim Bosse created a statue of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg being crucified on a cross that just so happens to be the social media giant’s logo. Get it? It’s an artistic statement about Zuckerberg…uh…being a modern Jesus? Well, except that Zuckerberg is rich as sin and Jesus was supposed to be pretty poor. It’s that distinction between the two that Bosse focused on for the real-life application of his work; he has requested that Zuckerberg hand over $50 million in exchange for the statue (which he does not appear to have commissioned).

He is also willing to accept one (1) kiss from Kanye West in exchange for the piece.

To stir up some interest, he’s allowing people to vote for which type of payment he receives. At the bottom of the voting page appears a link that says, “Fuck that, I’ll buy that shit myself.” Clicking on it will open a blank email that comes pre-loaded with the subject line, “I will buy this for a lot and resell it for even more to Larry Page from Google.” The email will go to

Speaking of demanding money from Zuckerberg, remember when West himself tried to get the social media mogul to foist over $1 billion? Compared to that, the statue is a good deal.

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