Ashley Judd Is ‘Going To Be A Great Candidate’… Says Donald Trump

Actress Ashley Judd hasn’t officially said she’ll be taking on Sen. Mitch McConnell, but there’s no shortage of speculation — with one report deeming it all but confirmed. Donald Trump chimed in on the matter on Tuesday, commenting that Judd will make “a great candidate.”

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Trump took to Twitter to weigh in:

Later, he spoke to POLITICO and was asked to clarify what he meant. “Ashley Judd’s candidacy was created by Karl Rove’s terrible ads; even before she thought seriously about running,” Trump said. “The ads made her look great and now she probably will run.”

(Trump previously also remarked on Rove’s ad against Judd, calling it “the best thing that ever happened” to her.)

Will she really run? “At least in Ashley’s mind, it is happening,” a source said in a recent report. But for now, nothing’s certain.

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