Asked About Muslim Profiling, Natl Security Analyst Tells Fox Host ‘Okay Great!’

HansenSpeaking to Fox’s Trish Regan Thursday afternoon, Jim Hansen expressed his enthusiasm for using profiling to root out radical Islamic terrorism.

Hansen is executive vice president for the think tank Center for Security Policy. When Regan asked about the administration’s reluctance to use specifically religious words to describe terrorists, Hansen replied, “I don’t care what we call them. I care what our law enforcement and security officials are trained to do as far as investigating them.” The failure to use specific phrases used by terrorists (phrases like “radical Islam”) hindered officials’ ability to conduct investigations, he said,

Hansen insisted that “right now we have among us infiltrators from ISIS and other extremist groups, and we have mosques that are preaching hate and jihad and Sharia happening right here in the United States. And the Homeland Security Department has not only refused to investigate those, but they’ve refused to even use those terms in their training or in their investigations.” It was, he said, a case of “political correctness gone mad.” He added that more than 50 percent of Muslims worldwide supported Sharia, including Muslims in the US.

Regan said it sounded like he was advocating for profiling Muslims. Hansen said, “Okay great! I don’t have a problem with that. Profiling is what every law enforcement official does when they look at a particular group of people and identifying characteristic that leads them to commit crime.”

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