Athletes & Sports Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Support Republicans

Admit it, Mediaite fans, when you’re up there in the nosebleed section of the stadium filling out your scoresheet, noshing on a hot dog, swilling a Bud, and chanting “Hey batta batta, swing batta batta,” you’re really just staring into space wondering whether your favorite player voted for Bush in 2004.

This probably also happens at the hockey arena, football field, or tumble vault. And then you probably get all twitchy and have to excuse yourself from the stadium to go home and watch the O’Reilly Factor to detox.

If you’re that particular character, this list is for you.

I present to you: Mediaite’s guide to Athletes & Sports Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Are Republicans.

(Disclaimer: By “Republican,” we mean that they are either registered Republican or have supported Republican candidates in the past.)


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