Atlanta Anchors Create Sick Note to Help Excuse Falcons Fans From Work After Super Bowl Defeat

After the New England Patriots managed their incredible upset victory last night, there were undoubtedly a lot of Atlanta Falcons fans who thought the Super Bowl was an absolute tragedy. Atlanta news station WSB-TV feels their town’s pain, so they’re offering fans a way to get out of work in order to take some time today to mourn their loss.

WSB news anchors Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore posted a sick note on the station’s Facebook page, hoping it will help some crushed fans get the healing time they need before they face the world again. The photo has been shared more than 20,000 times so far, and it has gotten a lot of positive reception from Falcons and Patriots fans alike.

“From a Patriot Fan… Atlanta Falcons RoseUp and gave a heart stoping game,” one commenter wrote. Another contributor said “I’ll let any of my staff who uses one get away with it. Heck, I may use one myself with the Board of Directors!”

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