Author Diagnoses Himself With ‘Post-Trump Stress Disorder,’ Dies Days Later

screen_shot_2016-11-24_at_7-13-29_pmThe final article published by acclaimed writer Jeff Gillenkirk was called, “The New PTSD: Post-Trump Stress Disorder.” The piece, which starts with him diagnosing himself as having Post-Trump Stress Disorder in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, went out five days ago. He died of a heart attack two days later, according to the Washington Times.

In his life, he was an editor, a CEO, a freelancer, an author, and even a speechwriter for New York’s Governor Mario Cuomo. He died teaching a class of third graders in San Francisco.

In “The New PTSD,” he wrote this:

Let’s call this PTSD post-Trump stress disorder, triggered by the election, to the most powerful office in the world, of a man who’s espoused wholesale exclusion of Muslim immigrants, deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, repealing Roe v. Wade, abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, and encouraging Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear weapons, among other polarizing proposals. While post-Trump stress in no way equals the level of trauma experienced by combat veterans in Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam, this is an experience shared by tens of millions of Americans right now.

The comments on the Times article have been largely unkind.

RIP, Jeff Gillenkirk.

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