Authorities Question, Search Apartment Of Boston Bombing’s ‘Person Of Interest’

Authorities searched the apartment of a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday night, according to reports. NBC News further reported that the person is a 20-year-old Saudi man, who was “questioned for hours” last night. Officials stressed it’s too soon to know for certain whether he was involved in the attack.

Investigators, including Boston police and the FBI, searched the home at 364 Ocean Ave. in Revere, Mass., according to a Facebook post by the Revere Fire Department. The Associated Press further reported, “Police were seen carrying several large bags from a suburban Boston apartment that authorities say was searched in connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.” Further details about the search were not released.

NBC’s Pete Williams also reported on the person of interest on Today this morning, noting that the apartment belonged to the Saudi man, currently on a student visa, whom police are investigating. Officials “did talk at length” with him and “questioned him for hours,” Williams said.

“He was seen running from the area” and had burns, he added, later emphasizing that there is no suspect in custody. Officials say it’s too soon to know whether he was involved in the attack, Williams said, and he could have been an innocent bystander.

The Today segment below:

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