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‘Available’ Ayla Brown Releases First Music Video

We are now acutely aware of the romantic status of Ayla Brown, the bashful, basketball-playing offspring of the Republican Senator-elect from Massachusetts . (She is single – though not, one gets the impression, tragically single.) Those of us who suffered to tune in to her various post-election interviews are also aware that, unlike her father, she has the happy gift of being able to go on national television for a few minutes without sticking her foot so far down her mouth she stubs her toe on a kidney.

Now, in her latest act, Ayla, who once achieved moderate non-negligibility as a contestant on American Idol, has released a CD – and, with it, a music video. Watching it, one rationalizes that money originally intended to diversify – or, at a minimum, furnish – the scenery of Ayla’s vid must have been requisitioned by her father in his effort to piss off the ghost of Ted Kennedy (and, oh yes, win an election). Watch below as Ayla, posing languorously all over the place in her tiny, barren, room, vastly outsings her surroundings (via Breitbart TV):

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