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Awful College Frat Bro Berates Uber Driver: ‘Minimum Wage Fa**ot!’

The University of Michigan basketball season may have ended with a dud, but maybe the Ann Arbor students can change the school fight song for next year to, “Hail to the victors valiant, hail to the hate spewing frat bros who harass Uber drivers.”

Michigan freshman Jake Croman, a fraternity brother with the campus’ chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, has come under fire for video of an altercation in which he verbally berates an Uber driver while his cool U of M buddies look on. The driver, Artur Zawada, filmed Croman last weekend, who unceremoniously referred to the driver as a “minimum wage faggot.”

Good school values!

“They don’t give a shit about you!” Croman angrily continued, referring to the University. “They don’t give two fucks! There’s fifty of you! And there’s one of me here who spends the most money, you little fuck.”

The New York Daily News reported that Zawada immediately filed a complaint with Ann Arbor police, and that the University is continuing its investigation into the incident.

At the end of the video, Croman then puts down the working Uber driver to describe how he is about to go spend the rest of his day. “You’re working all day?” he yells at Zawada. “Guess what? I’m gonna go sit on my ass and watch TV. Fuck you.”

The University of Michigan: Arts. Knowledge. TV Watching While Sitting on Your Ass.

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