Axelrod: Obama Administration Has Never Had a ‘Major Scandal’

While speaking at a forum at the University of Chicago, former Obama Administration senior adviser David Axelrod said he is proud of the fact that the President Barack Obama has never really been involved in a “major scandal” throughout his six years in office.

Axelrod was originally questioned about the “revolving door” between lobbyists and Washington insiders, and whether that door has supposedly been shut on President Obama’s watch. He said the Obama Administration has done a good job, with a few exceptions, at banning that “revolving door,” claiming it has become “lightyears” better than it was before.

“I’m proud of the fact that, basically, you’ve had an administration that’s been in place for six years, in which there hasn’t been a major scandal,” Axelrod said, eliciting applause from the audience. “And I think that says a lot about the ethical [inaudible] of this administration.”

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The remark is sure to rile Republicans, who would cite Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups, among others, as scandals that have forced the Obama Administration to go on defense.

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