Axelrod Touts George Clooney’s Support In Obama’s Reelection Race

POLITICO has a pretty thorough account of literally everything that happened at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night (nicknamed the “Nerd Prom” for some reason), but there were still some interesting election-related moments at the dinner and the preceding brunch hosted by Tammy Haddad. In particular, POLITICO got Axelrod talking about how important celebrity contributions to President Obama’s campaign will be. Specifically, one celebrity’s contribution: George Clooney.

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Axelrod talked to POLITICO at the brunch about a huge fundraiser Clooney is holding for the Obama campaign on May 10 and how important his support will be in the general election race.

“There’s been a tremendous reaction to that and we’re really grateful for it… I saw, the other day, that Crossroads, Karl Rove’s organization, got a $10 million anonymous donation so it takes 181,000 of our average donations to make up for that, so George is pitching in here and lending his name to this event and himself to this event. It’s really helpful to us.”

Clooney has remained a strong supporter of the president, even if some of his Hollywood colleagues have been less bullish, and said earlier this year if he was in charge of messaging for the Obama campaign, he could sell the last three years as “very successful.”

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