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Baby-Faced Donald Trump In 1980 On Why He Wouldn’t Run for President: ‘It’s a Mean Life’

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s footage of Donald Trump back in 1980 saying he had no interested in running for president. He was talking to top interviewer to the stars, Rona Barrett, in an hour-long interview. This particular clip never saw airtime.

Barrett cut to the chase, telling Trump that for many Americans, becoming the president is the highest possible goal. He said he didn’t believe he would ever pursue it because it was “a mean life,” but he wanted to see a president who was capable. Here’s the real kicker:

I also see it that somebody with strong views, and somebody with the kind of views that are maybe a little bit unpopular — which may be right but may be unpopular — wouldn’t necessarily have a chance of getting elected against somebody with no great brain but a big smile.

Interesting take on campaigning, huh?

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