‘Bad Lip Reading’ Turns First Presidential Debate Into Greatest Debate Ever

They’ve done it again.

The “Bad Lip Reading” team behind those incredible spoofs of Republican primary candidates — Rick Perry‘s “save the pretzel for the gas jets” anyone? — has come out with a “bad” (read: hilarious) lip reading of Wednesday night’s first presidential debate.

In this lip reading, GOP candidate Mitt Romney continually tries to impress moderator Jim Lehrer with his slightly “pitchy, but good stuff” ad lib songwriting, while President Barack Obama (who is now known as “Ahmed”) fumbles his way through nonsensical rants about a “purple idiot” with “an Irish Labradoodle puppy.”

Lehrer’s lip reading has him much more involved in the debate, turning him into the trio’s shaman-like leader in song, spirituality, and butterflying.

Naturally, none of it makes any sense.

And that means it makes more sense than the actual debate.

Watch below:

[h/t TheBlaze]
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