Balloon Boy Falcon Heene Returns to Front Backscratcher-Shilling Boy Band

Several months ago, we reported that Richard Heene, disgraced father of “Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene, is marketing a line of innovative backscratchers that lack the annoying portability of other such devices. Now, Radar Online is reporting that the elder Heene has enlisted Falcon to front the “Bear Scratch Band,” whose new single, “Bear Scratch Dance,” catchily encapsulates one of the other things bears do in the woods.

The Balloon Boy story has become a sort of shorthand for everything that’s wrong with today’s newsmedia, and while it’s tempting to laugh the whole thing off, this is really a sad story that just keeps getting sadder. As funny as Richard Heene’s desperation may be to some, Falcon Heene deserves better than he has gotten. It took tremendous courage for him to tell the truth the way he did.

Therefore, it’s tough to know what to root for here. Who knows, maybe if we each buy a handful of Bear Scratches, Falcon Heene will get to live a better life. “Bear Scratch Dance” songwriter Smokey Miles insists that the Bear Scratch Band is here to stay, and he’s got “a bunch more songs written for them,” so maybe this is the start of better times for the Heene kids.

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