Bar Heckler Sues Bristol Palin For Defamation

The apparently ephemeral drama between Bristol Palin and a man at a bar who yelled obscenities at her about her mother Sarah is now suing the younger Palin for defaming him. Stephen Hanks, an LA talent manager who later called Bristol Palin “homophobic” and “trash” to TMZ, is suing her and the Lifetime network for airing footage of himself shouting at Palin at a bar, which he said he never gave permission for.

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According to Reuters
, Hanks filed suit today for defamation, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress because Palin ask if he was homosexual during the encounter and blamed the bar incident for her decision to move away from Los Angeles:

“Bristol Palin’s conduct was outrageous”, states the lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.

“Bristol Palin first accused Plaintiff off ‘being a homosexual’ in a degrading manner in front of others … she then in a magazine article blamed Plaintiff for her decision to leave Los Angeles for Alaska even though she had purchased her home in Alaska … more than two months before the encounter,” the lawsuit adds.

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